About Us

Harmony Is Our Vision………

Based On Enormous Culture, Belief, Simply Daily Life and……Vision…

We are Young Balinese, with Core of Ideas, Innovations and Motivations……

assure to presenting your yearning about Bali…

…in harmony…

nujubali was founded in 07 April 2006, means Seeing the True Bali…

firstly upon its launched, nujubali was established as a conceptual design company and management consultant specially in Marketing, Public Relations, Food and Beverage and Culture, in conjunction with Tourism, Hospitality Business, Interior Design, Furniture Design, Lighting Design, Architecture, Unique Handicrafts and Landscape.

nujubali is a brand new company like no other in Bali area.

‘Harmony’is the only one of our principle vision, harmony with the environment, people, way of life and culture. Without, conceal the fact that the Harmony alteration has to be tactfully.

However, by the strong based of Bali unique culture, belief, simple daily life, philosophy and …..vision. We assure and believe to gain a suitable one as a product, services and our smile…….

Deep in the heart with no doubt, the emptiness, space only,

there is the Harmony dwell in…..


Jl. Pasekan no. 55 Br. Tubuh Batubulan Sukawati Gianyar Bali Indonesia 80582

For More Information/ reservation,

please Contact by email at nujubaliselaras@yahoo.co.id or by phone number to direct +62-361-8560855, +62818560855

Office : Telp/Fax Number : +62-361-297505

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